United Earth Government



The UEG is a military dictatorship espousing a fascist and human centric ideology. The two most powerful elements within the Government is the Office of the Prime Minister, which had been a nigh hereditary position, now currently held by former Minister of Armaments Uriah Tyndall following his coup against the reign of Anton Leonard II. Tyndall enjoys the support of Kalanist members withing the GMP (Global Military Police), the infamous secret police and intelligence arm of the UEG, and the military. Despite the nature of the coup being laid bare by circumstances out of his control (namely that the a Shogunate incursion into Haven space had succeeded, rather then been defeated in detail as had been planned) he and his loyalists are swiftly consolidating power with a mixture of the carrot and stick; by inducement of those willing to support his regime, and the purging of those who wont, or whom he feels may be, or become, a threat.

Internally the UEG does right by the population or is wildly oppressive, depending on your species. Humans are treated well albeit under constant over-watch by the GMP and the State. Non Humans are third class citizens that suffer harassment and discrimination. If it wasn’t for the fact that the UEG’s trade partners are vehemently anti-slave then the non humans within the Sol System would be nothing but. While not slaves in name, in many cases they might as well be, due to the economic, property, and segregation restrictions placed upon them. After the Tyndall Coup there has been a softening of the anti-alian bias, as Tyndall, a devout Kalanite Revisionist, seeks to use the Church's more conciliatory views on non-humans to mitigate the resentment. A form of inducement that Tyndall, and the Church, hopes will lessen the attitudes by throwing the aliens a sop. It should be noted that these more benign views regards non-humans has been a recent development on Haven, the birth world of Kalanite Revisionism, and was decreed for much the same reason, to stave off a 'critical mass' of resentment and hopefully forestall a general revolt.

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