The First Ones - Settlers

The First Ones, otherwise know as the Settlers, or to some, the Puroto Kerlchuun; meaning First Race, or Ancient Culture. They are widely believed to have developed as a culture more then a million years ago and created a massive Steller Republic that dominated the known galaxy as far back as 490,000 BC.

Okamikyo-shi Shimbun Article 2156年2月12日

Information recently uncovered within the ruins of the Settler (Steller Republic) city on Shuukaido reveals added insight into the end of the Republic Schism Wars and beginning of the Ash War and Eternal War. The abandoned Republic city, now renamed Chiseroken, and dating back to the Steller Republic’s 3rd Age (circa 495,000 BC ± 300 years) contains comprehensive information detailing the ending the 3rd Age and the beginning of the Republic’s 4th Age and eventual collapse in 490,000 BC.

Within these records (dubbed the Irikass Journal after the ancient name of Shuukaido in the old tongue) are texts that corroborate information found within the Hinotama ruins and explain in greater detail the existence of sub-dimensional beings known to the Republic as Protodeviln (Loosely translated as Ancient, or Primordial, Demon). It has been learned that this race was accidentally discovered over 497,000 years ago during the 3rd Age during efforts to modify and improve upon the Republics Zentraedi and Meltrandi warriors.


While exact details are unknown, what has been learned suggests that this improved soldier design was abandoned due to the individual unit’s high energy requirements with some models being built on a massive scale; designed for ‘Fleet Warfare’. Several years after this initial failure, a sub-universe containing nearly unlimited energy was discovered, and, the Steller Republic's EHVIL (Advanced All-Environ Biological Weapon) Project was revived.

Within this sub-dimension resided a non-corporeal lifeform of an unknown name. These lifeforms, or entities, possessed the bodies of the EHVIL projects creations, creators, and within a few short days, the populace of the world upon which the lab was located. Using this acquired manpower and infrastructure, the Protodeviln embarked upon a campaign of terror and conquest. This rampage ended the Schism Wars as opposition factions within the Steller Republic ceased their internal conflicts to face the common, extra-dimensional, threat. The Ash War that followed lasted 6 short years but saw the obliteration of 85% of the Steller Republics galaxy-wide population, an estimated casualty count of 14.6 ± .73 (0.5%) trillion sentient creatures.


Having originated in a high energy sub-dimension, to survive in our, by comparison, energy starved dimension the Protodeviln adopted vampiric qualities. The Protodeviln quickly learned that the energy they needed to survive, termed Spirita by the ancients, was generated by most humanoid lifeforms found in the galaxy. Thus the Protodeviln would feed on this life energy, what we call Ki, wherever they went and used a form of brainwashing to create a massive fighting force called the Supervision Army.


This rampant consumption of life energy brought the galaxy close to a form of Ki Entropy whereby Ki had been so depleted that, according to the uncovered texts, the development of a Ki Singularity nearly occurred. History records that the Ash War was brought to an end by the defeat of the Protodeviln via ‘Sealing Operations’ conducted by people termed Anima Spirita by the Republic.

After the fall of the Steller Republic the remnants of the Republics Zentraedi forces and the Supervision Army continued in their Eternal War (497,000 BC – present) that, by all accounts is still ongoing as evidenced by both the Battle of Kuydoka 112.9 located by the Yamada Expedition in 2155年4月23日, and the Supervision Army gunboat artifact found enroute to capture the original Liberty Factory Satellite in 2011年12月30日.


This information, unlike many other texts found in the Hinotama Ruins and Chiseroken, was prominently archived in a manner that suggests it was meant to be found; as a reminder, a lesson and a warning. “The level of detail found in these texts was astounding, as was the tone. The Ash War was devastating, even beyond plain concepts of material and psychological toll. This was once a great people and a galaxy spanning empire, and they had their soul ripped out; they never recovered from it (Ash War). They at the very least made sure that anyone interested would have a full accounting of what occurred. What they did to themselves.”

The Ministry of Military Affairs has revealed that shortly after the Hinotama texts had been deciphered and their contents known, despite missing but expected corroborating evidence, they had been directed by the Ōkami Han to work closely with the Order of the Black Lotus in order that appropriate measures were taken to safeguard the Shogunate. With the Hinotama texts now corroborated, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has thus been allowed; at the Ministry of Civil Affairs own recommendation, to begin public release of the full deciphered text to the citizens of the Shogunate.

The Foreign Ministry has likewise been directed to make discrete disclosures to our allies in Eagle Harbor. “We fully expect them to dismiss this data, but in the fullness of time, history will record that we were forthcoming, so it would be dishonest for them to claim we withheld the (Irikass) Journal.”

With the latest revelations about the existence of the sub-dimensional beings known as the Protodeviln, there have been detailed references to the final defeat of the Protodeviln, specifically mention regards ‘Sealing Operations’. History shows that while many of the minions of the Supervision Army were indoctrinated (records cite ‘brainwashing’ by name, but other methods of control and compliance surely played a part) the actual number of recorded Protodeviln was comparatively low, likely, by the texts own reckoning, numbering less than two hundred.

Records show that to destroy such a being was exceedingly difficult, as Protodeviln were ethereal in their natural form; within the possessed bodies of the EHVIL, they were formidable; with some capable of faster the light travel and teleportation. While many lesser Protodeviln were indeed destroyed in the course of the Ash War the more powerful ones were weakened to a point where they could be captured and imprisoned.


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