Tallus Dominion

Unity, Law, Order


The Tallus Dominion is, in one form or another, the longest lived power in the Perseus arm. The origins of the Dominion come well after the fall of the Stellar Republic, but in many ways the Dominion began as what was left of it. At the conclusion of the Ash war those sectors of space and the systems within them that managed to avoid outright eradication were left without, or with severely degraded, interplanetary infrastructure on which they had survived and prospered. Famine, disease, resource shortages and the riots clamoring over what was left ravaged the galaxy and the area of the Dominion was no different. Very few worlds were truly self-sufficient and those that could not adapt either devolved into barbarism, or were abandoned.

Hundreds of smaller wars erupted during the millennia following the Ash War, as refugees turned to raiding, or if not powerful enough, were destroyed to keep them from consuming the resources of a world or a people they had naively hoped would take them in. In the few cases where the refugees were lucky enough to avoid destruction they would become third class citizens and be given the worst jobs for the least amount of compensation, if any was given at all.

During this time numerous nations would rise and then just as quickly fall, adding to the cycle. It would not be until 16,000 years ago that this would change. The ruling oligarchs of the various nations in existence at the time found themselves faced with the approach of a roving Border Fleet numbering well over 6 million ships of the wall. It was decided to ally themselves in order to present a unified front despite being militarily inferior. Thus united the oligarchs sought to co-opt the leaders of the Border Fleet as oligarch are wont to do, by bringing the Border Fleet leaders into their ranks. The Fleet leaders found this worthwhile as it gave them a permanent source of repair, and resupply. For the existing elites, a vast fleet and army of Zentraedi Warriors was gained. This event was commemorated by the declaration of Empire and installment of an Emperor, or, First among Equals.

Dominion Capitol circa 2158

As with any Empire, factionalism would manifest and with it power plays, infighting and court intrigue. Around 5,300 years ago, after a period of expansion these power plays, intrigues and manipulations would spark an economic crisis to which the sitting First among Equals, Emperor Nosaad would fail to address. With the Imperial coffers run dry due to the inability to move revenue to them from frontier provinces, the army and more over fleet were gutting to cut costs. This in turn caused neighboring nations, (among them those found in what would one day become the Taegyn League) no longer fearful of the Empires once vaunted military turned into a laughing stock, to stop paying Tithes.

Poverty rates skyrocket followed closely behind by rates in crime. Infrastructure, no longer able to be maintained, crumbles; and ‘barbarians at the gates’ such as the Doakraxathi, emboldened by the lack of any check against them begin ravaging the border regions. Cults abound and the populace suffers morale and moral decay. This decadence and desperation would, 1,600 years ago, culminate into a seemingly unending spate of Civil wars. Inept Emperors, foolish and futile military adventurism, and all manner of other missteps would peak with the Burning of Escandel. Imperial military overseers, with morale and discipline severely degraded after their latest ill planned military endeavors fail to secure any new territory, lose control of their Zentraedi troops in the Escandel system, the home system of the sitting Emperor. The Escandel system is ravaged by the malcontents and much blood and treasure is wasted in order to quell the dissent. This event would lead to the vast majority of Zentraedi (99%) warriors being placed back into stasis, to be decanted only when needed for battle; a practice that continues to this day.

The Burning of Escandel

Following this the Empire would suffer another five centuries of civil war and rapid changes of leadership. (During the course of one decade, Imperial power changes hands no less than 12 times due to assassination, coup d’etat or civil war.)

800 years ago a strong and even minded military leader Merkedi Tallus I from House Tallus would sweep across the sector with a fleet of crack troops at his command. Any noble or elite he encounters during his drive is offered the choice, surrender or be annihilated. System after system fall to his forces. By the time his armies reach the Central Systems entire regions have surrendered without a fight. Within 55 years the remaining Imperial territory is conquered. In what would become known as the Tallus Reforms, Emperor Merkadi I establishes a new system of noble houses, promoting, or creating out of whole cloth, lower houses to fill the place of defeated houses he also installs worthy mercantile and military families into a new ground level nobility.

Central System Siege's

Upon the death of Alial Tallus IX, 170 years ago, many felt a new round of civil wars were forthcoming as he had no living heir, but his and his ancestors reforms had a drastic stabilizing effect of the Empire and a peaceful transition of power is made as Alial Tallus IX had left orders to dissolve his house and transfer all Imperial authority to House Zeketri, a long time and loyal ally. Emperor Voelkian Zeketri I ascends the throne and continues Alial’s reforms. One of Emperor Zeketri’s first actions is to rename the Empire the ‘Tallus Dominion’ in honor of House Tallus.

Voelkian Zeketri I
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