Character Talents

Talents are innate abilities that cannot be learned or taught. Each Talent listed below costs Three (3) Campaign Points (CP) each. If extra levels may be taken, (Denoted by a (3) next to the Talent name) each additional level costs another 3 CP.


  • The (3) denotes the cap for that talent. One can only take a level in a Talent three (3) times.
  • Talents may ONLY be taken at Character Creation.

Physical / Mental Talents:

  • Ambidexterity: No Penalty for off hand usage.
  • Animal Empathy: Animals are automatically friendly to you unless and until severely provoked. May not always do as you command however.
  • Animated Hair: Your hair seems to move on it's own. Most often it is emotive but can long hair can be used as a very weak (STR 1) prehensile limb. Must be at least 1/4 Zentraedi to take this talent.
  • Blind Reaction: Counterattack with no negatives when blinded or in darkness.
  • Common Sense: GM will let you know if and when you are about to do something moronic. Other hints may be forthcoming upon request.
  • Double Jointed: You can bend in unnatural ways. Always fun at parties. Can fit into spaces half your height and width and it is impossible to tie you up or entangle you with a single rope.
  • Eidetic Memory: You never forget anything you have read, seen, heard, smelled, or touched.
  • Immunity: Immune to a specific poison or disease group. (Must Specify.)
  • Lightning Calculator: You can do complex mathematics in your head with out any aids.
  • Light Sleeper: You wake instantly at the slightest touch or out of place sound. No Perception check is required.
  • Longevity: You live twice as long and age gracefully.
  • Martial Artist: You have had training in a specialized Martial Art. Allows you to use Martial Art's techniques.
  • Night Vision: You can see better then most in all but total darkness.
  • Rapid Healing: You heal incredibly fast, May heal an extra 3 Hits in addition to your normal healing.
  • Speed Reader: You can read one page of normal text in 3 seconds. (Can read a 200 page book in 10 minutes.)
  • Simulate Death: Others need to make a Legendary DV check to determine if you are playing 'Possum.
  • Time Sense: You always know what time it is and how much time has elapsed since you last checked.

Skill Group Talents:

  • Acute Senses: (3) One of your five senses is is extremely acute. When using this sense you have +3 to Perception rolls for each level of Acute Sense taken.
  • Beautiful/Handsome: (3) You are extremely good looking. You gain +1 to Persuasion, Performance, Seduction, and Wardrobe/Style skills for each level of Beautiful/Handsome taken.
  • Direction Sense: You are never lost. Navigation tasks are at +2
  • High Pain Threshold: (3) You are very resistant to pain and shock. When wounded you may reduce the amount of STUN (Non-Killing) damage taken by 2 for every level of High Pain Threshold taken.
  • Genius: (3) You have a gift for performing certain kinds of tasks. (Must Specify.) You may add +1 to such skill rolls for every level of Genius taken.
  • Perfect Pitch: Musical Related tasks are +3

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