Taegyn League

Fate Mastered


Unlike the Dominion, with its monolithic hold on centralized power, the Taegyn League is more a collection of independent city states unified by a common currency and overall outlook. Unlike the Sentinels Confederation, there is no central body of leadership with each state, settlement, kingdom and community having their own unique cultures, laws, leaders, militia, and customs. Mush of the League’s domain is uncharted, and the laws and customs usually extend only so far past their point of origin. Beyond that it’s anyone’s game.

The common points are few but define the character of the League as a whole. Fierce independence and the belief that anyone can chart their own path are paramount, this and the universal understanding that no established kingdom may send troops or claim land for itself as an extension of said kingdom within the Leagues vast and unclaimed territory.

Rivalry and competition are also the order of the day and anyone wishing to deal with the League on a political level must understand that a deal or treaty with one world may not be valid on another. The result is hundreds of independent deals all with different terms, prices, conditions, and agreements. Some of these deals, particularly trade agreements, are made foolishly. Elder nations, such as the Dominion, realize the inexperience of many of the smaller communities and take advantage of it.

Ironically, the fact that so many up and coming League communities are willing to ‘sell the farm’ in lopsided, some might say, ‘get rich quick’ deals is one reason the League has continued to exist as it has for so long. Aggressive nations like the Talus Dominion see no reason to invade or conquer. There is no need, as they get everything they want without cost, effort, or risk. The League worlds endure the cost, take all the risk, do all the work, and sell well below market price. Why rock the boat? An invasion by an Elder nation would upset this and ruin a good thing.

Such an occurrence would, however, instigate an immediate retaliation that could lead to, in effect, a sector war between all of them. So for now this odd arrangement will pervade. The outlier occurrence being that if a League community rose to prominence and began conquering League territory from within. Since the fragmentary nature of the League prevents them from being perceived as a threat, any change to that situation would change the entire dynamic of the region.


Like human, Taegyn come in many shapes and sizes, and in this case colors. Based on biology alone, there are four distinct variations known to exist. Taegyn, or Aojin when referring to those that dwell in the Shoguante, are freed slaves of the Yokai. The Aojin possess blue skin varying from light to dark with predominantly light colored hair although other colors are not unheard of, mainly by the use of hair dye. The lighter, pale, more Caucasian, skinned Alka, or Aijin when referring to those within the Shoguante also possess platinum blonde to white hair, although interbreeding with Zentraedi and Meltrandi over the millennia has created a myriad of other combinations. The Algra are taller, more robust and have purplish skin tone. larger pointed ears, and darker bluish to purplish hair colors; two tone colored hair is not uncommon. (WIP on 4th strain) Of the four, the Alka are thought to be the closest biological link to the original Puroto Kerlchuun

Taegyn Taegyn Alka Taegyn Algra

Taegyn, Alka, and Algra are biologically compatible with some meddling's of the Puroto Kerlchuun such as Humans and Tiresians, and as mentioned above Zentraedi and Meltrandi, and, can bear children from a union between them. However, they are not compatible with such races as Karberran, Garudan, Trow, or Pyrtonian. While they can partake of intimate relations with those races they can not bear them children.

Some rare Aojin and Aijin are able to practice Mahou, however that is a practice reserved to select elites if, and when, it occurs. 'Elite' is a subjective term and differs based on which polity within which they reside. Some allow Mahou to be practiced, but only by those of a certain religious order; some, only if one is born into the ruling class. However, with ALL cases, access to the training required to hone their abilities is heavily restricted. Many are the story of those able to practice Mahou being either killed, exiled, or taken from their families once noticed practicing, or showing aptitude in Mahou without sanction. With the arrival of the Shogunate into this area of space, and their open attitude to the practice of Mahou the draw for those in the League to seek out training, or sanctuary, for the latent abilities will no doubt become a burning issue, and source of tension. Taegyn able to practice Mahou are universally termed Atame which is loosely translated into Ōkamigo as 'Warlock'.

[For Game Purposes currently the only school of Mahou available to a Taegyn is 'Combat' and 'Speed']

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