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The year is 2160 and the 4th Space War is a distant memory. The Invid of the Regent have been scattered to the winds and the world of Haydon IV now a SC (Sentinals Confederation) protectorate. While the SC and the UEG (United Earth Government) endure a cold war, all sides consolidate and grow amidst momentary flare ups in tension.

In between the UEG and the SC lies the Ōkami Shogunate, founded a litte over a hundred years ago, this nascent kingdom is now an economic powerhouse with a formidable merchant marine and advanced technology sector. Within the Ōkami System, on the world of Hinotama, rests ruins that can be traced to the ancient Settlers, an enigmatic ancient race widely thought to have seeded worlds such as Tirol and Praxis with life. It is inside those ruins that ancient maps point to far flung Gates identical to the Settlers Gate in the Fantoma Sector and the Dai Torii orbiting the nearby Shogunate world of Usagi-na.

The search for these Gates and answers to the mysteries of the ancients leads the Shogunate through the massive Dai Torii gateway into the unknown and forgotten regions of space beyond the Orion Arm.

Emerging near the edge of the galaxy, on the Coreward fringe of the Perseus Arm the Shogunate stumbles upon ancient secrets, secrets that hold both wondrous and disastrous consequences for the Shogunate, Sol and Fantoma Sectors. Drawn into conflict with an enemy known as the Doakraxathi the Shogunate suffers it's first real military setback, however over the course of five years the Shoguante recovers and retaliates with devastating results. With the worlds nearest the Shuukaido Gate colonized and the vile and lethal Doakraxathi pushed back for now, the Shogunate seeks to expand their influence in both the Kyudoka Shuukai and in the Fantoma Sector.

Campaign Overview:

Basic Information
Premise Invasion / Adventure / Exploration Genre Mecha Sci-Fi
Style Mid Range Cinematic
Roll of PC's Mecha / Power Armor pilots
Mecha Types 1 Man Power Armor / 1-2 Man Valkyrie
Limits 1 PC per Player (to start)

Note Please join game only if you can consistently attend the game sessions so as to avoid high turnover or missing the action!

Game Master: Rising Sun

  • ten.xoc|2yelrutc#yelruT sirhC
  • Official 'Helper Shikigami': James
  • Current play times are Sunday evening from between 3:00 PST / 5:00 CST / 6:00 EST to 7:00 PST / 9:00 CST / 10:00 EST
    • Every three weeks (or so) the GM will take a week off from game.
  • Robotech: Rising Sun is played on Roll20 (as well as AIM as a backup.)
  • Click [] to go to Roll20!!

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