Character Special Abilities

Special Abilities are gained after a Character has garnered 200 CP in the course of game play. Special Abilities reflect the Characters hard work and applied effort in a particular field, or fields.

  • A character may have two Special Abilities.
  • Special Abilities may increase in rank up to Rank 3.
    • Each rank confers a point bonus to a set of skills.
  • The first Special Ability picked is considered the Primary Special Ability, with the next one picked considered the Secondary Special Ability.
    • The Primary Special Ability must ALWAYS be a value higher then the Secondary.
  • A Character must have at minimum 5 points in a skill in which the Special Ability effects.
  • Costs 6 CP to gain the first level in an SA, and then 3 CP to level an SA.

Special Abilities

  • Allure: Add to Personal Grooming, Seduction & Wardrobe/Style.
  • Authority: Add to Interrogation & Intimidation.
  • Chameleon: Add to Disguise & Performance.
  • Charismatic Leadership: Add to any two Leadership Specialties character possesses.
  • Combat Sense: Add to Awareness & Initiative.
  • Con: Add to Persuasion & Streetwise.
  • Counsel: Add to Persuasion & Insight.
  • Credibility: Add to Persuasion & Any one Expert specialization character possesses.
  • Deduction: Add to Perception & Insight.
  • Grift: Add to Intimidation & Insight.
  • Interface: Add to Computers & Hacking
  • Jury Rig: Add to any two Technical skills character possesses.
  • Masterpiece: Add to any two of the following skills the character possesses. Performance, Photography, or Play Instrument.
  • Medical Technician: Add 2 points to Medicine skill.
  • Mold: Add to Teach & any one Expert skill the character possesses.
  • Prowess: Add to Athletics & Acrobatics.
  • Reconnaissance: Add to Awareness & Stealth when scouting.
  • Resources: Add to Business & either Social Corporate or Social Trader.
  • Sneak: Add to Stealth and Technical: Locksmith.
  • Street Dealer: Add to Streetwise and Business
  • Tracker: Add to Awareness and Track.
  • Vehicle Zen: Add to any two skill specializations the character possesses. Driving, Piloting, or Mecha.
  • Wisdom: Add to any two skills the of the following: Education, Research or Teach.
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