Ki-50 'Sandokaze'

Ki-50 'Sandokaze' (Death Wind)

The Ki-50 Sandokaze is the premier VF (Variable Fighter) in the OSNAS inventory and is based off the Ki-49 platform. Incredibly versatile, robust, and maneuverable, the Ki-50 excels in it's role of providing Space Dominance. From the drawing table to final assembly the Ki-50 was intended to be modular, up-gradable and multi-role. Multiple versions of attachable Tatami-do (FAST Packs) were made available starting at the base with the Strike and beefier Storm Attacker packages. For special operations or where the need for maximum hitting power is needed in concert with endurance, the Hato package is available.

Weight: 8.45 Tons Height: 15.59 m (51.1 ft)
Mode MV Surface Flight
Fighter -2 - Mach 15
Battloid -0 128 kph Mach 1.5
Gerwalk -1 Mach 1.5 Mach 3
Main SI Shield SI Shield DA Pin Point Barrier SI PPB DA
8 3 -3 5 -1
Weapons WA Damage Ammo / Notes
Hand to Hand +0 1K -
Type-25 Pulse Laser +2 6K ∞ (BV 4)
Type-127 Head Laser +2 8K ∞ (BV 3)
Type-19 Gun Pod +0 6K 48 (BV 4)
Assault Knife +1 8K ∞ AP
All Weather / Environment / Trans-atmospheric
Sensors: 150km , Communications 1500km
Emergency Ejection System
ECCM Rank 7
Hardpoint(s): 10 (Wing: 3 per) (Body: 4) If a FAST pack is used only the Wing Hardpoints can be used
Fold Booster Linkage: 1

Ki-50 Super


Super Pack Details:

  • SI: 7 (INSTEAD OF the above SI)
  • Top flight speed: Mach 18.2 fighter, Mach 3.5 Battroid, Mach 5.25 Gerwalk
  • Add the following weapon systems
Name WA Range Damage Ammo Notes
Micromissile +1 32,000m 5K 228 Smart 1, Skill 9

Ki-50 Armored


Armor Pack Details:

  • SI: 7 (INSTEAD OF the above SI)
  • Shield SI: 7 (INSTEAD OF the above SI)
  • Top Flight Speed: Mach 17.6 fighter, Mach 3.7 Battroid, Mach 9.7 Gerwalk
Name WA Range Damage Ammo Notes
Anti-Ship Turret (x2) -1 45,000m 100K BV 2, Corvette Scale (-6 to hit Mecha)
Type-22 Beam Machine Guns (x2) +2 3200m 4K Linked, BV-4, All-Purpose
Type-39 CRMM Launcher +1 16,500m 6K 128 Smart 2, Skill 12
Anti Armor Rockets +0 35,000m 12K 30 Smart 1, Skill 9
RMS-3 AS Missiles -1 800,000m 4 REACTION WARHEAD SON!

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