Rules Of Play

The games Rules of Play are based on the FUZION System and can be found here…

Rules of Play

Difficulty Values

Difficulty Values (DV) Target numbers reflect Unopposed Tasks. An Unopposed task is when a character attempts to interact with a non-living object using a skill ability. I.e. trying to repair a computer. These values are a guideline and may be modified up or down based on the situation.

Difficulty Level Target DV
Challenged 2
Everyday 6
Competent 10
Exceptional 14
Incredible 18
Legendary 22
Super-heroic 26
Competently Super-heroic 30
Exceptionally Super-heroic 34
Incredibly Super-heroic 38
Legendarily Super-heroic 42
Cosmic 46
Competently Cosmic 50
Exceptionally Cosmic 54
Incredibly Cosmic 58
Legendarily Cosmic 62

Natural Ability List:


Locate (Invid): DV 14: Large Area

  • Last 5 rounds

Sense Emenations (Protoculture): DV 14: Large Area

  • DV 25 Willpower check to resist
  • Lasts 5 rounds

Point Buy List:

DC Damage done in D6 (DC4 = 4D6)
Self The individual can effect only himself
Touch The indvidual can affect only things he is touching
Small Area The ability affects an area extending 4 m/yds from the indvidual


Leap: CP 6: Self

  • Leap 20 m/yds

Human, Praxian, and Tiresian

Superior Dexterity: CP 25: Self

  • +3 to Dexterity based actions

Superior Charisma: CP 25: Self

  • +3 to Presence based actions

Superior Intelligence: CP 25: Self

  • +3 to Intelligence based actions

Karberran & Zentraedi

Tough: CP 6: Self

  • +15 Hits

Resistant: CP 12: Self

  • +35 Hits


Superior Intelligence: CP 25: Self

  • +3 to Intelligence based actions


Infravision: CP 6: Self

  • Can see in total darkness
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