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The Republic of Edea, or, sometimes called, the Celestial Republic, was colonized in accordance with the Gloval Plan on 17 March 2023 in the Year of the Rabbit by the Megaroad-4 Fleet, the fourth such fleet to leave Earth with ethnic Chinese, Mongolian as well as Zentraedi colonists make up the lions share of the embarked. Edea began as a farming colony, and as such the planet's populace was, and is well fed; however, during the early years, the lion’s share of food production was funneled to Earth prior to the Masters Invasion and 2nd Space War. With the arrival of the Invid and the ushering in of the 3rd Space War, the supply transports were instead sent to Tirol to supply the UEEF. After the Battle for Reflex Point and the subsequent departure of the Regess and her Invid to points unknown the food shipments would again flow towards Earth. Besides the numerous and expansive farms, the colony maintained a series of relay stations for the UEG’s CCN (Colonial Communications Network). It would be these twin assets, food production, and communications facilities; that precipitated the UEG, under the leadership of Eli Leonard II to annex, invade, and occupy Edea following the UEG's disastrous attempt to seize the Aquila Colony in 2052.
Megaroad-4 departs Earth: 17 MAR 2023
Flag of the Celestial Republic of Edea (Post Liberation)

Sadly; for the Edea people the UEG's assault on the Aquila Colony expended both the Aquilean Defense Force (ADF) and the fledgling Ōkami Shogunal Navy (OSN's) ability to transition from one theater of battle to the another and so, neither polity, however willing and desperate to help they may have been, were unable to render anything more then token aid to Edea as the UEG reserve fleets descended upon the system. Even so, countless thousands were evacuated before the UEG was able to consolidate their gains. It would be a century later that the opportunity would arise to liberate Edea from the yoke of the UEG. In 2158 the Joostan-Maru Incident would enrage the Shogunate, causing them to seek recompense and thus set upon the UEG world of Haven to claim it.

Making good on a promise to a close personal friend, the Ōkami Shogun settled her century long debt by ordering her fleets, conspicuously in the 'neighborhood', to openly support the Edean Resistance cadre's the Shogunate had been secretly supplying over the past decades, in a surprise attack on Edea and the UEG forces located there. While the Liberation Forces dealt with the situation on the ground the OSN cleared the system of the UEG and provided Space and Air support for the duration of the conflict.

Now free of the UEG, the Celestial Republic is able to chart it's own course.

Of note, the two largest ships in the Celestial Republics arsenal, both Musashi Class Battleships are named the Ishida Suki (石田 スキ), and Hua Mulan (花木蘭) respectively.

As one might expect due to the large agricultural industry, Edea is a lush world with a vibrant biosphere. Located 16 Light years away from Earth in the Groombridge 1618 System, Edea orbits a K8 V main sequence star. Edea occupies the 5th orbit of the system, with the first four occupied by terrestrial worlds and an asteroid belt. Past Edea lie a pair of Gas Giants, one of which is no larger then Earth. In a lonely orbit at the far reaches of the system is an overly large frozen asteroid. Edea is unique in that it has five moons. Considered lucky, they have been named after the Five Great Mountains; Tài Shān 泰山, Huà Shān 華山, Nan Heng Shān 衡山, Bei Heng Shān 恆山, and Song Shān 嵩山.

Over the last century many smaller cities, villages, and towns have been established, but three major metropolitan area dominate.

Worroh Station is the planets premier agricultural hub, and it is from here that the large tracts of farm land are managed. Numerous schools catering to botany, biology, farm sciences and any other vocation relevant to farming and husbandry are found here.

Anshan is the planets capitol, and is, post liberation, a clean, ultramodern city in the midst of a building boon. Here and there one can see the trappings of past occupation as statues, signage and other icons of the UEG regime can be seen. Some of these icons will be removed, but others will remain, as they are part of the worlds, and cities, history, and one erases their past to the peril of the future.

The third largest city is Baruun-Urt, a sprawling metropolis located on the northern steppes of the Shine Khentii.
Anshan: Capitol City of the Celestial Republic Baruun-Urt

One of the most holy sites on Edea is the Golden Monastery, a striking compound located within Edea's largest mountain range, the Laoshan Mountains. This monastery was occupied by the UEG during the UEG's time on Edea and while left unmolested was used by the UEG Governors as a 'Cultural Hostage', the message being, keep in line or watch your holiest site burn. Thankfully the situation on Edea never escalated to that point. Because of it's importance and the close proximity of UEG forces, the Golden Temple was placed high on the list of priority targets to be secured during the Liberation, so much so that dispatched units of Ryoban, the Shoguns personal guard, were detailed to assist in it's removal from UEG control.
The Golden Temple

Militarily the Celestial Republic uses a mish-mash of old and new style VF's and Destroids. Everything from VF-4's brought along by the original Colony ships to Kihon Destroids gifted by the Shogunate to Resistance cadres exist within the Republics current MToE. Both the Aquilaen Protectorate and the Shogunate however have been more then willing to assist in the Republics military modernization and standardization programs. To that end the Shogunate has allowed the sale of export model VF's and have, in concert with talks with Komillia Maeless, Edea's Resistance liaison, Destroid Ace, and now Councilor have designed an export only derivative to the current Aurora Series Destroids.
VF-11 Export Type-52E Export

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