RE-Macross Annex

Images and Translations:

Stores and Store Placement:

Stores: Space (VF-1P) Stores: Atmo (L) / Space (R)
1: Axis Sensor
2: Magazine
3: Trigger Guard
4: Trigger
5: Cog
6: Connector
7: Battery Packs
8: Ejection Port
9: Optical Sensor / Sight
10: Muzzle
AIM-9: Best Selling type Arrow: BVR Multi Sensor
AIM-9X: Final iteration 1B: BVR TV Guided
AIM-120: Fire and Forget 1H: HEAT or SSF Warhead
AAM-3: Passive IR Anti Air 1B HYBRID: BVR Multi Sensor
Tank: Self explanatory 1C: High Mobility type
ASM-1: Anti Surface 1CR: DU Penetration Rod Warhead
ASM-2: Anti Surface improved speed 1B-R: Atmospheric Type
Mk.82: 500 pound dumb bomb 1EX: Long Range Type
GBU-10: Smart Bomb 1X: Advanced Type
GBU-28/B: Standard Laser Guided
GBU-28/S: Thrusters used instead of fins
PB-28/I: Inertial Strike
GBU-27/S: TV Guided, thursters used instead of fins
ASSB: Thrusters used instead of fins
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