Ōkami Military


The Ōkami Shogunate has two parent branches of their military, these being the OSA (Army) and OSN (Navy), each with their own air arm. The Army also maintains a force for Ship Defense, Shock Attack and Landing Operations (be it upon a shoreline or a combat drop onto a hostile planetary body or space station).

  • OSA (Dai Ōkami Bakufu Rikugun = Ōkami Shogunal Army)
    • OSAAF (Dai Ōkami Bakufu Rikugun Kokubutai = Ōkami Shogunal Army Air Force)
    • OSALF (Dai Ōkami Tokubetsu Rikusentai = Ōkami Shogunal Special Army Landing Forces)
  • OSN (Dai Okami Bakufu Kaigun = Ōkami Shogunal Navy)
    • OSNAS (Dai Ōkami Bakufu Kaigun Kokutai = Ōkami Shogunal Navy Air Service)

Giyu Sentotai

Giyu Sentotai, or “Militia”. Armed civil defense units analogues to a National Guard. Trained in disaster relief, food production, evacuation drills, first aid, and urban warfare, these units occupy the middling level between the OSA and Emergency First responders. They have access within their armories to state of the art small arms and logistics equipment (transport aircraft and ground vehicles etc.) as well as mecha, and while OSA surplus, they are no less capable, just not bleeding edge. The Sentotai is manned by retired or separated OSA or OSN members. (Most are those that have completed the 6 year obligatory enlistment in the OSA / OSN and have separated to pursue civilian life but still wish to serve militarily in some manner.)

Small Arms:

Nambu Type-33 Nambu Type-31
Assault Pistol Automatic Pistol
WA +0 WA +1
4D6+1 (3.5mm AP) 4D6+1 (3.5mm AP)
Shots: 30 Shots: 20
ROF: 20 ROF: 5
Range: 50m Range: 65m
Oonishi Type-44
Type WA Damage Shots ROF Range
Carbine +1 4D6+1 (3.5mm AP) 60 20 280m
Oonishi Type-27
Type WA Damage Shots ROF Range
Carbine +0 4D6+1 (3.5mm AP) 65 30 285m

Kai Type-49
Type WA Damage Shots ROF Range
Assault Rifle -1 6D6 (4.7mm AP) or 7D6+5 (4.7mm EX) 110 35 525m
Kai Type-51
Type WA Damage Shots ROF Range
Assault Rifle +0 6D6 (4.7mm AP) or 7D6+5 (4.7mm EX) 110 30 525m
Gauss GL -2 Varies on Grenade type used 2 1 350m

Kai Type-56
Type WA Damage Shots ROF Range
Battle Rifle +1 7D6+1 (5.5mm AP) or 8D6 (5.5mm EX) 150 25 775m

Sato Type-37
Type WA Damage Shots ROF Range
Flechette Gun -1 7D6 (20mm 00) or 8D6 (20mm SS) 12 5 55m

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Weapon Information:

Ōkami weaponry departs from the more common types of projectiles used by the major powers. While the UEG and REF use energy based and chemical based projectiles the Shogunate uses hyper efficient miniaturized gravetic rail guns designed to hurl hypervelocity darts at the enemy. These darts range from 3.5mm to 5.5mm for small arms, on up to 8.5mm to 25mm, depending on the weapons class and function.

These weapons require the energy to power the gravity impeller, as well as the ammunition to propel. All ammunition magazines are equipped with a power cell strip sufficient to fire the rounds in the magazine. This is a backup to the power cell that is attached to the weapon itself. Depending on the size of ammunition and the range it is desired to travel a standard power cell can fire 100 to 200 shots before needing to be swapped out and charged.

Hypervelocity Dart(s)

Grenade ammunition is the only exception to this rule, utilizing a 'Kicker' of chemical propellent to augment the Gauss launcher.


  • WA = Weapon Accuracy
  • ROF = Rate of Fire
  • AP = Armor Piercing
  • EX = Explosive / Fragmentation
  • GL = Grenade Launcher
  • 00 = Double Ought Buckshot
  • SS = Solid Slug

Typical Weapon Stats:

These values represent the run of the mill. Some weapons will be more, or less, lethal.

Type WA Damage
Handgun -1 4D6
Revolver +0 5D6
Submachine-gun -1 4D6
Assault Rifle +0 6D6
Battle Rifle +0 7D6
Flechette Gun -2 6D6
Machinegun -1 9D6

Weapon Combat Rules (Abridged):

  • Armor Piercing:
    • Attack treats armor as having 1/2 it's PD (or K).
  • Critical Hits:
    • Attacks that beat defenders roll by 5 or more.
  • Automatic Fire: 3 Round Burst:
    • No penalty to attack.
    • If successful, 1D6/2 rounds hit.
  • Automatic Fire: Hosing them down:
    • Attack roll -1 per 10 rounds fired.
    • 1 round hits for every point attack succeeds by up to the ROF of the weapon or the capacity of magazine, whichever is lower.


Since time immemorial hand lobbed explosives have been a staple of warfare allowing the infantry man to transform themselves into miniature artillery pieces, so long as the ammunition held out.

Type Damage / Effect
Smoke 1m per phase up to 6m
Stun 9D6 STUN
Flash Blinded for 1D6 turns
HE 10D6 out to 40m
FRAG 9D6 out to 20m
Incendiary 8D6 out to 20m
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