Ōkami Jargon

Ōkami Jargon

Modern Ōkami applications (analogs) of traditional items and terms.

Traditional Edo Imagery


  • Rectangular banners worn on the back of common soldiers to denote units or divisions.
    • Modern analog: National flag patch on uniform. National banners flown in front of government buildings and during ceremonial settings. IFF beacon on all OSA (Ōkami Shogunal Army) and OSN (Ōkami Shogunal Navy) ships, aircraft, mecha and body armor.


  • Flag or banners used to distinguish daimyo or other top commanders on the battlefield.
    • Modern analog: Regimental / Unit patch on uniform. Unit Banner; identical to ancient examples in garrison and on the parade ground.


  • Ancient whistling signal arrow used during the Heian Period for various signaling purposes, but primarily to draw the attention of the Kami, that they should watch the events about to transpire.
      • Modern analog: EW Munitions, also known as a ‘Screamer’. Bathes an area with high frequency radio and other EM emissions to overwhelm enemy communications nets.


  • Commanders baton issued as a sign of rank.
      • Modern analog: Unchanged, a ceremonial device similar to a baton carried by high ranking commanders.


  • Japanese drums used in festivals, music, and on the battlefield as a signaling device.
    • Modern analog: Unchanged in regards festivals and music, on the battlefield used to bring ship crew to general quarters.
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