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This page here is for New Canon. Added as the game progresses so new names, terms, and other fluff aren't forgotten.


Tatsu Butai (Dragon Soldiers)

Tara Kanesaka no Usagi (Human Female: Tsundare with extra Tsun)

Tara Kanesaka no Usagi
  • Tall, lean build. Almond brown eyes, brown-black hair and a sardonic smile. Favorite Sin is Vanity. Loves foreign customs/accents, expensive but unnecessary things, and members of the same sex.
    • Role: Striker
    • Signature Weapon: No-Dachi

26 OCT 14

Yashima Class: Assault Ship/Planet (AS/P)

  • Yashima AS/P 901
  • Shiroishi AS/P 902
  • Kasagi AS/P 903
  • Kuragano AS/P 904
  • Nara AS/P 905
  • Yawata AS/P 906
    • Planetary Assault Ships, notable for their transatmospheric capabilities and departure from public OSN doctrine which eschews Planetary Assault, in large part to assuage neighboring polity's fears regards expansionism. This class of ship has only been deployed in the Archers Cluster. There are currently 6 known ships of the class.
    • On the upper mid levels, sandwiched between the crew / troop berthing and the lower hanger bays are open areas nearly 2/3 the length of the ship, these are massive training fields. Everything from swimming, close order drill, to mecha combat and wilderness survival can be learned or practiced here.
    • 3000m in length

26 Oct

Risu Sentai

  • Members
    • Nagasawa Iku: Female: Tiresian
      • Jet Black hair, yellow eyes. Favorite Sin: Slothfulness. Likes playing with pyrotechnics.
      • Role: Scout
      • Signature Weapon: Kama
      • Status: ACTIVE: ARMY REGULAR
    • Tagge: Male: Zentraedi
      • Violet Eyes, small tattoo. Favorite Sin: Lust. Loves spring and any form of aristocracy. Annoyed by gambling and the 'bad boy/girl' look. Likes strict regulations.
      • Role: Heavy Assault
      • Signature Weapon: Katana
      • Status: ACTIVE: ARMY REGULAR
    • Jiro: Male: Human
      • Tall, lanky, bronze skin, almond brown eyes. Sucker for spicy food and fancy parties. Enjoys gardening.
      • Role: Striker
      • Signature Weapon: Bo Staff
      • Status: RESERVE

26 Oct


Yamabushi Enclave

  • Shiroi sanmyaku (White Mountain's / Range) atop Kinyamasan (Gold Peak Mountain)
    • Location: 160km N/NE of the Nikanto Plain

4 Jan

Nikanto Plain

  • Location: 350km N of Daihonjin (Regional Capitol: Shuukaido)

4 Jan

Battle of Nikanto

  • Date: 2156年8月5日 (5 AUG 2156)
  • Location: Nikanto Plain, Shuukaido
  • Result: Shogunate victory: Last Doakraxathi enclave on Shuukaido is crushed.
    • Belligerents:
    • Forces of the Shogunate
    • Doakraxathi Tribes
    • Commanders
    • Adm. Ishida Hiyori: OSN
    • LT Gen Nagamasa Dōsan: OSA
    • Unknown: Doakraxathi Tribes

26 Apr

海軍大将 Kaigun taishō (Admiral) Ishida Hiyori

  • Full Name: Ishida Ichiryūko Hiyori no Usagi
  • Date of Birth: 2102年12月16日 (16 DEC 2102)
  • Place of Birth: Usagi-na
  • Age: 54
  • Ishida Hiyori is the first daughter of Ishida Tatsuko Karin and is this the grand daughter to the Shogun. She graduated the Hachiman Naval Academy on Ōkami with full honors, and, as is the tradition with First Born daughters of Shogunal linage, was assigned to Ni-roku Kantai (2nd Fleet) as a Midshipman, completing her 'Middy' tour and attaining her commission as Ensign in 2127. She assumed command of 1st Squadron 2nd Fleet in 2144 at the rank of Rear Admiral and attained overall command of 2nd Fleet and the rank of Admiral upon it's deployment to the Kyudoka Shuukai in 2154.
  • Hiyori is a hard woman, and while fair to those under her command she can be difficult to please. She is a skilled swordsman and brilliant tactician. She is utterly devoted to her family, her troops and the Shogunate. While not as avid a follower of Shinto as her parents and grandparents she never-the-less believes in and pays homage to the Kami.

8 Aug

Popular Magazines / Publications in the Shogunate

  • Ladies Rational

3 May

Ōkami no Aichi Shrine

  • Located on the world of Aichi this shrine is of the Wolf, (Ōkami written as 狼 as opposed to 大神). Nestled within a lush forest a half a mile from a winding country road that connects a few valley towns, the shrine is large and well appointed. The attendants wear a stylized Noh (能) mask with a wolf motif and care for Khel Dire Wolves, with some devotees even using them as riding animals.
  • Notable characters:
    • Mari: A Human Miko: Tough as nails and rather gruff.
    • Suki: A Trowlath Miko: (What? It's a popular name in the Shogunate!) Friendly and outgoing, with a devious twinkle in her eye.

26 July


Tactical Tidbits

  • Invid Telepathy is used to communicate on the battlefield in secret or in areas of intense natural or man-made jamming or interference.
  • Range is 3000 miles
  • Invid PsyComm officers are given operating numbers for authentication purposes. However it is not uncommon for PsyComm Officers to recognize one another over the course of their careers thus speeding up the authentication process.
  • To facilitate transmission, hybrid biotech / hardtech sets are used aboard ships of the line and will project an Auragraphic image of the sending Invid so all in the vicinity can hear the transmission.

17 April

International Treaties and Ship Prefix's

International Treaties

  • SCOLIS (Sentinels Convention on the Laws regarding Interstellar Space)
    • Signed: 19 December 2055 / Nous Antilla, Antalya
    • Observed (with stipulations) by Ōkami Shogunate: 17 May 2075
      • Summery: The Law of Interstellar Space Convention defines the rights and responsibilities of nations with respect to their use of interstellar space, establishing guidelines for businesses, the environment, and the management of natural resources.
      • Ōkami Participation: The Shogunate has not ratified SCOLIS. Instead she observes it's tenants without being beholden to them. Certain Shogunal requirements have been added so that other nations are made aware of Shogunal Law within and nearby her own territory. (For instance, most nations adhere to a 12Ly Territorial Limit, the Shogunate insists upon a 120ly Territorial Limit.)
  • SOLIS (Safety of Life in Space)
    • Signed: 12 December 2055 / Tiresia, Tirol
    • Observed by Ōkami Shogunate: 3 January 2058
      • Summery: The SOLIS Convention requires signatory flag states to ensure that vessels flagged by them comply with minimum safety standards in construction, equipment and operation.
      • Ōkami Participation: The Shogunate has not ratified SOLIS. Instead she observes and complies with the Convention as a matter of good business. All Shogunal vessels are as a matter of course SOLIS compliant at a minimum. Most if not all Shogunal vessels exceed the Conventions safety standards.

Ship Prefix's


Ōkami Shogunal Navy OSV Ōkami Shogunal Vessel
Ōkami Red Seal Ship RSV Red Seal Vessel
Merchant Vessel (Non Red Seal) MV
Civilian Vessel OV


Aquila Navy ANS Aquilan Naval Ship

Sentinels Confederation

Tirolian Republic Navy RSS Republic Space Ship
Karberran Hegemony KV Karberran Vessel
Garudan Space Service GSS Garudan Space Ship
Praxian Navy PNV Praxian Naval Vessel
Pyrtonian Space Corps PSCV Pyrtonian Space Corps Vessel

20 August

Operation Knife

Operation Knife: Werewolves AoR.

Overall Area Worker Housing Labor Camp City Airfield
Map0Area.png Map2WorkerHousing.png Map1LaborCamp.png Map4.png Map3Airfield.png

12 November


Kōmin Class Flight Deck Cruiser

  • Created as a collaboration between the Kagazaki Han sponsored Kotsuba Heavy Industries and the OTEC Corporation on Aquilae, the Kōmin Class Flight Deck Cruiser (in OSN usage) / Elysion Class Escort Carrier (in AFF service) is intended to be the next generation of convoy escort as well as Deep Space Fleet support ship. The Kōmin forms the base core vessel with twin docked Kū (in OSN service) / Aether (in AFF service) Escort Carrier's.
  • March Rabbit
Kōmin Class Flight Deck Cruiser Kū Class Escort Carrier
  • The two Escort Carriers attached to the March Rabbit are the Kū and Kanedama.

Key Crew Members of the March Rabbit

  • Sagisawa Fumika
    • Position: Captain of the March Rabbit
    • Race/Gender Female Onmyoji
    • Description: A stoic who owns a pair of cats, tall, thin, with angular features and long black hair. Looks favorably upon humility.
  • Nakamura Brooklyn
    • Position: CAG
    • Race/Gender: Human Female
    • Description: Lean, Brown eyes, sucker for honesty, has a boyfriend back home, dark shoulder length hair in a ‘Shogun Style’ pony-tail.
  • Hachi
    • Position: Flight Line tech
    • Race/Gender Male Akkoa-jin
    • Description: Ruddy reddish skin with like orange to gold markings, is a sports nut (soccer), has a pet fish.
  • Lawson Heizo
    • Position: Flight Line Chief Tech
    • Race/Gender: Human Male
    • Description: Ex RDF, cynical, average height and stocky build, sucker for the shiny stuff. Appreciates kindness.

Akilah Matreau Class Frigate

  • An ancient design from the waning days of the Stellar Republic. Shipyards churned these vessels out by the thousands in the Republics bid to stem the tide of the Schism War. After the Stellar Republics fall this ship continued to be produced by surviving Republic remnants. While small it is fast, nimble and has decent offensive capabilities. While no match one on one with any Zentraedi or Meltrandi ship of the wall, they can, in significant numbers deal considerable damage using swarm tactics. In current usage they make fast blockade runners, as well as courier and smuggler ships.
Akilah Matreau Class Frigate



  • An ancient ruin of Zentraedi origin soon to be resuscitated into a thriving metropolis and trade center. Located on a world no more then 20 Light years from the frontier end of the Daihorikawa. The facility in question used to be a Zentraedi base during the reign if the Stellar Republic, now, fallen into disuse and ruin the Kagazaki Clan seeks to put down roots in this place, claiming it for their house. Dubbed Sanshiro (Three Castles), the new settlement will be a labor of love and toil.

30 DEC 2017

Oh so very much more to follow!

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