Zentran / Meltran of the Shogunate

Two undeniable truths must be understood. 1: Zentran and Meltran are bred warriors, cultured or not. 2: The Shogunate is pragmatic.

To that end, pragmatism dictates that if you have members of the population that can be Macronized into a giant state, and in that giant state they make formidable warriors, then, you use that ability to your benefit. If you also find that Tirisians and Humans can also be so enlarged then, pragmatism dictates that you also use that benefit to your advantage.


Certain factors govern such an option however; logistical and medical. Logistically speaking maintaining a standing army of 40 to 50ft tall giants is expensive even if you do have the resources and capital to achieve it. Space is also a factor as is integration. You do not want to have individual soldiers in a macro-state any longer then you need to. Housing, feeding and caring for needs is expensive. Medically you have different issues.

Among the Zentran/Meltran there is the issue of frequency of transitioning from micro to macro state and back again. To swap sizes should not be attmepted more then once every two weeks, and even this taxes the body greatly, and this is for the being who were designed to undergo such a change. For a Human or Tiresian, the burden on the body is far greater and should not be attempted more then once a month. There is also a psychological component to consider. With an over-sized body can come an over-sized ego; not to mention any power trips a normally tiny person might experience when looking themselves eye to eye with combat mecha.


Of course, training in a macro-state must be conducted at regular intervals in order for the soldier to be adapted to their larger size. If for no other reason then to drill into them the need to watch their step.

Outfitting a 40 to 50 foot soldier is also an issue, requiring a separate logistics train. Much of that however can be covered by dual purpose equipment, such as gun pods. A gun pod used by mecha can easily be used by a Macronized soldier. Body armor is simple enough to create and maintain. Machines of war however, create an issue. As fun as it might be to try and create new and larger mecha for a Macronized soldier to crew, it would be impractical. Stuffing them into the lions share of old existing Zentran mecha is likewise impractical due to their low survive-ability. Luckily the Zentran/Meltrans original creators did conceive of at least one platform that rates highly in combat ability and toughness. The Queadlunn-Rau.

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