Ki-54 'Kyokan'

Ki-54 'Kyokan' (Strong Mountian)

The Ki-54 Kyokan is the next VF (Variable Fighter) in the Ki-49 line. Using lessons learned during the Haven Raid and Liberation of Edea as well as technological advanced discovered in the Matsushima Dig the new platform is as versatile, and robust as it's predecessor the Ki-49. An integral mission module, placed between the engines/legs forgoes the need for 'Super' armor packs. The loss in pack speed is made up by a more efficient wing structure and upgraded next gen power-plant. More maneuverable, faster, and lighter then it's older sister, the Ki-54 has been designed to work in concert with the Ki-49 as a fast, hard hitting attack interceptor. It's armor is lighter but the new Type-21 Heavy Quantum Beam gun-pod gives the Ki-54 longer stand off range allowing the Ki-54 to act in a battlefield support and sharpshooter capacity.

Weight: 8.0 Tons Height: 15.59 m (52.5 ft)
Mode MV Surface Flight
Fighter 0 - Mach 22.5
Battloid +2 128 kph Mach 5.2
Gerwalk +1 Mach 1.5 Mach 12.6
Main SI Shield SI Shield DA Pin Point Barrier SI PPB DA
6 N/A N/A 8 0
Weapon WA Range Damage Ammo Notes
Hand to Hand +0 - 1K Melee
Type-25 Pulse Laser +2 4500m 6K (BV 4)
Type-129 Head Laser +3 4500m 2K (BV 3)
Type-21 Heavy Quantum Gun Pod +2 8500m 13K (BV 3) Long Range
Assault Knife +1 - 8K AP
Type-7 MM Pod Launcher +2 80,000m 6K 36 Smart 3, Skill 15
Wing Hard-points +1 11,250m 12K 6 Smart 1, Skill 9
All Weather / Environment / Trans-atmospheric
Sensors: 150km , Communications 1500km
Internal Automation: ECM/ECCM Skills, +12, Gunnery/Mechanical Skills, +14
Virtual Cockpit
Emergency Ejection System
ECCM Rank 5
Quick Change mounts: 6
Fold Booster Linkage: 1
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