Kagazaki Han

Kagazaki Han

Kagazaki Yukari, 4th Lady Kagazaki (2160 CE)

Ensconced upon the world of Aichi the Kagazaki Han is led by Yukari Kagazaki, 4rd Lord (Lady) Kagazaki with Narinaga, 2nd Lord Kagazaki, who is the family head of the clan, acting as regent.
The Kagazaki are a small clan, fifth in size of the seven clans given Han on Aichi. The primary source of income for the Kagazaki before the Yokai Invasion was mining and fishing, after which the clan split into two factions, the one, controlled by Narinaga, which stayed loyal to the Dragon Throne, and the other controlled by Nariyasu, 3rd Lord Kagazaki.

Kagazaki Narinaga transfers leadership of his Han to his eldest son Nariyasu (2155 CE)

Lord Nariyasu had taken over the reins of the clan with his father acting as regent and for a short time things were fine, until the Yokai Invasion at which point Nariyasu began to behave more and more erratically. Eventually the clan turned to banditry to maintain power and there were rumors that Lord Nariyasu treated with the Yokai. Lord Narinaga’s options were limited, as he did not have the manpower to wrest control of the clan back from his deluded and treasonous son. This was further complicated due to the fact Nariyasu had absconded with his sister Yukari, and had sequestered her away for her ‘protection’.

Thus Narinaga retained control over the ancestral territories, leading those that did not choose to follow his son into madness, while Nariyasu held up in an underground fortress cavern at the end of a fertile box canyon. Nariyasu’s delusions and banditry eventually led him to a bad end as Shogunal troops sent to reclaim Aichi from the Yokai were targeted for theft.

In a pitch battle forces of the Shogunate defeated Nariyasu and his bandits, rescued those he had held prisoner, along with his sister, and destroyed his cavern fortress with him still inside. Two soldiers who rendered brave service above and beyond, Leading Private (LPvt) Yutika Tomoko, and Private First Class (PFC) Aoi Sakurai, were conferred Hatamoto by Lady Kagazaki in recognition of their actions.

His daughter and clan returned to him, Narinaga turned over control of the clan to his daughter and returned to his role as wise regent. After hurried and earnest negotiations with the Shogunal Army it was decided that the Kagazaki Han would not be called upon to suffer for the treasonous actions of Nariyasu. This crisis averted, Yukari, now, Lady Kagazaki, turned to the rebuilding of the Han. The mining operations, while previously neglected, were simple enough to resuscitate, as was the Hans’ fishing industry. However, a more modern and far reaching industry was needed in order to maintain relevance. To that end the Kagazaki took out loans and purchased a Red Seal trade ship. With the Grand Canal’s completion on the horizon, survey, military and, it is hoped, trade forays, are set to venture 'Beyond the Vail' Clan Kagazaki hopes to profit from this budding opportunity.

Seat of Power:

The throne of the Kagazaki clan resides in the fortress castle complex of Kagazawa Castle. With alabaster shingled roofs topped with golden motifs of the wolf the Castle is, after badly needed repairs, an impressive structure. The surrounding settlement is growing and has more traditional structures then modern but this is fast changing even if it does strain the Han coffers. Among the recent business ventures has been the construction of a factory and manufacturing complex for the nascent Kotsuba Heavy Industries.

The partnership between Kotsuba and the Kagazagi is one of almost, and mutual, pathetic desperation. Kotsuba, among other things, specializes in shipbuilding, and has recently launched it's Heavy Industries subsidiary in the hopes of building a collaborative design with partners in the Aquilian Protectorate. An unproven design, and one far apart from the Shogunal Navy's norm, the company has embarked on a risky prospect. While the design has been approved by the Ministry of War the OSN is not sure it wishes to procure. With this trepidation within the military other Han were reluctant to invest. With many opportunities closed to them because of Kagazaki Nariyasu's treachery, the Kagazaki clan could not turn Kotsuba away. Thus was born a marriage of the desperate, one in which both parties pin their hopes that, should the new design sway the OSN's mind, the risky endevour will pay great dividends and bring honor and prestige to both entities.

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Kagazawa Castle Grounds Kagazaki Yukari (L) and Kagazaki Nariyasu (R) (2056 CE)
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