House Rules

Characteristic Associations

Skills are no longer tied to a single characteristic, and depending on the intended use could be associated with an characteristic as determined by the GM. If more than one characteristic is appropriate (as is often the case), the character uses the highest score as the base and gets a modifier based on the scores of the other skills as per the chart below.

Characteristic Level Modifer
1 -3
2-3 -2
4 -1
5-6 0
7 +1
8-9 +2
10+ +3

One Challenge, One Roll

Unless engaged in a dramatic scene utilizing the drama systems, when faced with a challenge, you get one roll to represent ALL of your effort on that particular challenge. There are no re-rolls. Even if you did not declare and time or effort spent on getting the job done, a failed roll means you tried everything you could think of and a few hail-mary tosses and still couldn’t win.

Learning New Skill

It costs 2 XP to learn a new skill.

Hard Skills

Hard skills represent skills that take greater effort to learn (all combat related skills count as hard skills). Hard skills may not start at character creation above 5. They also require 1.5 times (round up) the number of xp to level as a regular skill might. An example table is below.

Level Needed XP
1 2
2 3
3 5
4 6
5 8
6 9
7 11
8 12
9 14
10 15


Specializations represent specialized knowledge and ability within a particular skill. When a specialization applies to that particular skill use, the character gets a +2 to their skill roll. Specializations do not stack, if you have two or more specializations that apply to a situation, you still only get a +2 bonus. You may have a number of specializations equal to your skill level. Each specialization costs 1 XP or OP.

Luck, Time and Effort

It is possible to increase your chances of success by expending luck, time or effort to gain bonuses to your roll. Luck is a 1 to 1 basis and can be declared before or after a roll. Time gets a bonus based on how much time (see table below) is used to take the action, and must be declared before the roll. Effort must also be declared before the roll, here you spend endurance on a 3 points of endurance of a +1 bonus to the skill. If your endurance hits zero you will fall unconscious and be unable to act until your endurance is above half your endurance maximum.

Time Bonus
1 rounds +1
2 rounds +2
3 rounds +3
1 minute +4
2 minute +5
5 minutes +6
10 minutes +7
30 minutes +8
1 hour +9
2 hours +10
12 hours +15
1 day +20
1 week +25
1 month +30

How Good is Good

1-2 Points: Weak
3-4 Points: Low
5 Points: Average
6-7 Points: Able
8-9 Points: Strong
10 Points: Phenomenal
11 Points +: Heroic

Target Numbers

10: Basic
14: Routine
18: Everyday
22: Competent
26: Challenging
30: Difficult
34: Extremely Difficult

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