Foreign Powers

Overview of Foreign Powers and Relations:

UEG (United Earth Government):


The UEG is a military dictatorship espousing a fascist and human centric ideology. The two most powerful elements within the Government is the Office of the Prime Minister, a nigh hereditary position currently held by Anton Leonard II, and the GMP (Global Military Police), the infamous secret police and intelligence arm of the UEG.

Internally the UEG either does right by the population or is wildly oppressive, depending on your species. Humans are treated well albeit under constant over-watch by the GMP and the State. Non Humans are third class citizens that suffer harassment and discrimination. If it wasn’t for the fact that the UEG’s trade partners are vehemently anti-slave then the non humans within the Sol System would be nothing but. While not slaves in name, in many cases they might as well be, due to the economic, property, and segregation restrictions placed upon them.

Like all oppressive regimes the maintenance of power requires an outside force to focus the population’s ire outward rather than inward. To this end the ‘undesirable’ third class citizens serve as visible close to home example, while extra solar polities with either a diverse mix of humans and non-humans, or solely non-human make for a viable outside threat. Both are used to justify and promulgate the UEG’s ideological polices and military expansion. This is not to say that the all the policies of the UEG are failed, they aren’t; however while civically sound the UEG is nevertheless economically strained due in part to the stinging defeats from the Battle of Aquila and the Fantoma campaigns as well as the high operations tempo in and around reclaimed and newly formed colonies. Due to this, the military budget strips funds that could, and should, be spent elsewhere.

The UEG’s policy of expansion, leading to the reclamation of Earth's lost colonies, hit a devastating snag over the world of Aquilae. Already anticipating a tough fight against one of the only colonies that had a strong defense force, the bolstered and prepared UEG fleet nevertheless was held at bay long enough for an allied coalition fleet to arrive and relieve the beleaguered world. Sandwiched between this fleet and the planet the UEG fleet was crushed, incurring losses from which it would not soon recover.

Despite this loss, the UEG’s expansion plans continued; with a few colonies barely worth the distinction being snapped up before the UEG shifted its focus. Instead of conquering old colonies, new colonies would be seeded and territory claimed. Most of these colonies are situated within a 100ly radius of Earth with a few outposts as far afield as 450ly. The UEG also maintains a few far flung listening posts in the Fantoma Sector, mainly around the fringes of the Eastern Expanse where they do their best to monitor the comings and goings from the Settlers Gate.

While a cold war state still exists between the UEG and pretty much everyone else but for their own colonies due to their specie-ist views and sentient rights violations, pragmatism dictates that at least some commerce and communications are conducted. To that end the UEG maintains an embassy on Tiresia and both polities engage in regulated trade of items such as food, commercial goods, and raw materials of a non-military nature.

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