Doakraxathi Territories

The Doakraxathi


Known by others as an aggressive and warlike race, the Doakraxathi are a cold blooded saurian humanoid species of fierce and fearless fighters who have organized themselves into a loose confederation of rival tribes. Tough and hardy, the Doakraxathi enjoy testing themselves in feats of combat and other forms of competition. They possess a powerful tail which is semi-dexterous. It provides not only additional balance but can be used as a bludgeon, or if blades and spikes are attacked, as a large mace.

Doakraxathi have a near immunity to disease and toxins and are themselves carriers of numerous pathogens. Much of their anatomy is also toxic, and their blood, if left to seep into the environment will eventually cause blight that corrupts plant life and can mutate animals. Their bites are likewise toxic and spread a powerful neurotoxin that can cause paralysis and death. Their claws and melee weapons are usually coated in this neurotoxin.

This blight is the prime reason why the area they inhabit is called the Plaguelands by non Doak. On the two dozen worlds that they are found in great numbers, the ecosphere has been almost completely corrupted. Vines that used to be benign now attack anything that moves with constricting tendrils, tall grass causes itching and terrible rashes, twisted nodules on trees detonate with the force of a hand grenade at anything that passes within reach; animal life is more aggressive, often imbued with some form of venom and the means to deliver it, are larger, and their meat tainted and unsuitable for consumption; water takes on an orange hue and is unsafe to drink unless purified.

Ōkami soldier inspects Blight infected vegetation

Stone Venom
Damage Effects
DC3 Paralysis, then death
Stone Venom originally delt DC5 but childhood inoculations in the Shogunate reduces potency.

Naturally the Doakraxathi themselves are immune to most of these effects but even they can fall prey to a blighted landscape.

A Doakraxathi belongs to one of twelve major (known) tribes formed around a cadre that has risen to the forefront due to a combination of physical might, shrewd machinations, or control over a vital resource, such as warships.

Consummate raiders, the Doakraxathi loot and plunder their targets and along with material wealth have been seen carrying off slaves. Reports from freed slaves state that the Doakraxathi are harsh taskmasters and physical punishments are common and they have no compunctions about killing an unruly slave. Due to the few slaves rescued from Doak starships, the Shogunate has become aware of at least three other species and or civilizations. (To be detailed in a different section).

Leadership is mixed, with both female and males of the species occupying positions of authority. The main qualifier of leadership is both brutality and ability. Prisoners are not often seized unless the leader has ordered slaves taken, or if the Doakraxathi have won a battle handily and during their inspection of the battlefield, find an unconscious enemy that piques their interest.

Doakraxathi relations with other races is unknown but it can be assumed due to their aggressive nature that the Doak see other races as targets and potential victims more than allies or trade partners. However among the disparate races of the Shogunate, only two have elicited a response outside the norm. The Karberrans seem to give the Doakraxathi pause, possibly due to their size; and the Pyrtonians whom the Doakraxathi give wide berth. In combat they will either disengage or, swarm the Pyrtonian. It is believed that they fear the Pyrtonians ‘mystic’ abilities so they either try to avoid, or if they have the means, overwhelm and destroy.

Doakraxathi are not easily taken captive, preferring to fight to the death, but in the rare occurrences where one has been taken in good enough condition to be interrogated the Shogunate has learned that, among the Doakraxathi the soldiers and citizens of the Shogunate are known as 'Those who Fight Back'; an almost shocked and bewildered reaction, as, prior to the Doakraxathi encounters with the OSA and OSN, most if not all raids were against peoples woefully under-equipped to deal with them. This could be considered a more respectful term given by Doakraxathi that, for the most part have been engaged in regular combat with the Shogunate along their mutual frontiers. Those Doakraxathi tribes further away from the Frontier that have engaged the OSA and OSN have a slightly different outlook, and call the soldiers and citizens of the Shogunate, ‘Those Worthy of Killing’. A dubious distinction tinged in a frustration that underscores the Doakraxathi belief system that combat is a rite and that a worthy foe makes such a rite all the more holy, even if the victim has the temerity to resist.

Geographically the Doakraxathi control a large area of space known by the Doak as The Reaches. The denizens of the various Tass (local term for Region or Sector) refer to it as the Plaguelands. On the Down Spinward border are the territories of other regional polities and this is where the majority of the Doakraxathi activity traditionally occurs. With the Looking Glass II gate slightly beyond the fringes of the Up Coreward border the Doakraxathi now have a comparable rival to their ‘back’. Those Tribes near the ‘rear’ of the Reaches, while powerful and possessing many ships, have not seen much combat as they are in well established areas and the ‘raiding ranges’ they control do not typically have targets with any form of dedicated space navy. So, while these tribes are still incredibly adept at the ‘ground game’ their space forces haven’t had to face a comparable and determined foe in centuries.

The history of the prophecy dates back to the waning days of the Schism War as the surviving Puroto Kerlchuun retreated towards their respective strongholds in the Rai (Ancient term for the fringe spinward areas of the galaxy) and Opto (Ancient term for the galactic core). Unwilling to create more Zentraedi warriors, the Puroto Kerlchuun instead decided on the smaller Doakraxathi. Whether created or augmented, it is not sure which, what is known is that they were ‘Star Touched’ and given the task to hold the line and eliminate any Supervision Army force to attempt a gate crossing; essentially covering one of the Puroto Kerlchuun flanks.

Year’s turned to decades, decades into centuries and yet only one Supervision Army incursion occurred and those survivors would be relegated to one world, stripped of their ability and knowledge of space age technology. (In truth that incursion was more a probing attack and ‘weapons test’ then any dedicated assault. However the results were promising and the new race of warriors, humans, would be seeded on other worlds due to their high birth rate and easily ‘programmable’ penchant for hostility and violence.)

Eventually the reason why the Doakraxathi were there faded into myth and legend but for the prophecies and records that survived antiquity.

The Doak were originally ‘designed’ as land mines; kept in stasis tubes, fully grown, fully armored and fully armed. Once an enemy of the Puroto Kerlchuun would step on or near an area ‘warded’ with a ‘micro gate’ a select number (depending on the size of the ‘ward’) of Doakraxathi warriors would be flash primed, awoken and folded into the tripped area. Depending on the distance of the ward to the stasis facility, this transition could be near instant, or up to an hour later. The largest ‘wards’ can transport Doak clad in powered armor or massive mecha. The most common were ‘wards’ that would send a five man squad accompanied with a pair of ‘hellhounds’.

Known Yokai (Doak) Equipment:

Power Armor

Light Weight Power Armor

Okami nickname: Furi
Weight STR Speed Jump
1168kg 12 6 40 m
33 (100kph)
Armor KD / ED Structure SDP
60 / 65 60
Weapons WA Damage Range
Machine Gun +1 15D6 500 m
Auto Bazooka -1 / -2 14D6 425 / 625 m

Medium Weight Power Armor

Okami nickname: Tesso
Weight STR Speed Jump
1250kg 13 6 30 m
Hover Booster Pack (Optional)
25 (75kph) 100 (300kph)
Armor KD / ED Structure SDP
70 / 75 80
Weapons WA Damage Range
Scythe Cannon +1 22D6 550 m
Rocket Launcher +0 21D6 700 m

Heavy Weight Power Armor

Okami Nickname: Hibigon
No Data available: No example captured intact enough to study.

Small Arms

Ripper Grenades 9D6 3m Area

Serrated Rifle Grenade 12D6 AP
On a Crit damage applied to Pilots Body armor, On a Triple Crit to the Pilot as well.

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