Character Creation

Character Creation

Each character gets 75 points to spend on their characteristics and 175 Option Points to spend on skills talents and the like. Players may take up to 50 OP in complications. Everyone gets the every man skills. For Mahou abilities and descriptions, please see the Mahou Page

Buying and Improving Characteristics

Characteristics bought at time of creation can be bought on a 1:1 basis with Characteristics Points, with no Characteristic being raised above 10 at this stage. They can be bought on a 10:1 basis using Option points, as in it takes 10 OP to raise a characteristic by 1.

Primary Characteristics

Characteristics represent a characters raw talent and ability in a given field. With the exception of hard skills, a character can attempt to make unskilled check using their base characteristics. The characteristics are broken down into the three categories for easy handling.

Physical Characteristics

Strength: A character's ability to perform physically challenging activities such as lifting or pushing, or hitting something really hard.
Constitution: A character's ability to last under physical activity, to include both the likes of running, but to resist pain and fight disease.
Dexterity: A character's ability to control their body with precision.
Reflexes: A character's ability to respond to stimulus with minimal amount of thought, as well as the overall speed at which the body moves.

Mental Characteristics

Perception: A character's awareness of the world around them.
Willpower: A character's drive and ability to focus even in the midst of various distractions.
Imagination: The ability to think outside of the box, and to see things from perspectives that aren't particularly obvious.
Reason: The ability to process things in a logical and consistent manner, as well as the raw speed at which a person thinks.

Social Characteristics

Presence: A character's ability to get and maintain attention, as well as their general likability.
Savvy: A general ability to pick up on nonsense, reading the room and general resistance to manipulation.
Empathy: The ability to perceive and understand the emotions of others, as well as the ability to control one's on emotions.
Appearance: A person's raw physical appeal.


Mahou is an optional characteristic all by itself. If you wish to have Mahou on your character you must spend points on this characteristic. However, you do NOT get more characteristic or option point for playing a Mahou user, and must sacrifice points that might be spent on other things to gain the Mahou characteristic.

Derived Characteristics

HITS: Determined by multiplying Constitution times ten, it represents how much abuse the body can take.
Physical Defense: Determined by multiplying Constitution by two.
Physical Recovery: Determined by adding strength and constitution.
Move: Determined by adding Reflexes and Constitution in Meters, running is double that, and sprinting is three times that.
Stress: Determined by multiplying Willpower by ten.
Mental Recovery: Determined by adding Willpower and Reason
Resolve: Determined by adding Willpower and Savvy
Luck: Determined by adding Imagination and Reflexes
Endurance: Determined by multiplying (Constitution + Willpower) by 5
Physical Defense: Determined by multiplying constitution by 2.
Combat Initiative: Determined by adding half your reflexes (round down) to your tactics score.
Social Initiative: Determined by adding half your empathy (round down) to your etiquette score.
Hacking Initiative: Determined by adding half your reason (round down) to your computer score.

How Good is Good?

1-2 Points: Weak
3-4 Points: Low
5 Points: Average
6-7 Points: Able
8-9 Points: Strong
10 Points: Phenomenal
11 Points +: Heroic

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