Aquilaen Protectorate


The Aquilae Colony is located in the Beta Aquilae system some 44.7 lightyears from Earth within a Binary Star system consisting of a G8IV Class Yellow Sub-giant primary and G5V Class Yellow Dwarf secondary. There are ten planetary bodies within the system, most of which are gas giants, which allow for the colonies robust Helium 3 industry. As the first Megaroad Colony launched, the colony boasts the largest population of all Earth colonies and is the best established in terms of infrastructure.
Flag of the Aquilaen Protectorate / Megaroad-1
Megaroad-1 departs Earth outbound to Aquila: 20 June 2014

Independence for the colony was declared at the end of 3rd Space War shortly after the battle of Reflex Point. With no real desire to divert resources to keep a colony in the fold, more urgent and lingering political pressures on Earth, and recognizing that for all intents and purposes Aquilae was an independent entity already, the UEG administration under Prime Minister Alistair Finch ratified Aquilaen Independence on 4 July 2045 (the coincidence of this date not going unnoticed) as one of his last official acts before his resignation. Some feel that the ratification, alongside his pardon of UEEF leadership for their actions in retaking Earth, was one great and final act of defiance in the face of the Leonard Revival. It would be in 2052 that Prime Minister Eli Leonard II would renege on Aquilaen independence, declaring her once again a territory of Earth, subject in all ways, to her dominion.

Politically a militocracy, Aquilae is lead by a Governor General who is appointed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A civilian advisory council assists in the day to day operations of the nation. The system is as one would suspect, highly militarized; but the lions share of facilities are located off world or in orbit with three bases located on Aquilae 7. Smaller bases exist on Aquilae 8 and 10, this is in addition to numerous listening posts, outposts and other stations and redoubts within Aquilae's sphere of influence. Due to the near century old conflict with the UEG, and in light of the recent cooling of relations with, and sabre rattling, of the UEG, Aquilaen space is heavily defended and defense spending has tripled and now stands at 8.9% of their total GDP.

Aquilae Naval Patrol over 31 Aquilae ("Maverick Main"): CVE-157 Anzio and CVE-178 Savo Island with escorts, CG-288 Blake in foreground.

Society is similar to what one would have found on the SDF-1; open, hardworking, and free, with a mix of the rugged individualism one normally see's among colonial citizens. Their military run government has thus far done right by it's people and they are content and hold their leaders in high esteem. Being the first Megaroad Colony sent forth from Earth, her population is primarily of Anglo, Japanese, and Zentraedi stock.

A lush world, Aquilae 9 also houses a large agricultural industry which provide foodstuffs in abundance. The planet also is unique in that it experiences axial and magnetic field irregularities. As such all civilian craft unfamiliar with the system must take on a 'Harbor Pilot' and even those ships who's masters are familiar with the irregularities will be escorted in by pilot craft along a route that avoids populated areas. Because of these irregularities, only the most important of cargo is allowed to land in this manner even with a 'Harbor Pilot'. For all other cargo, a massive series of space stations store and warehouse cargo from out system and then transship them to local carriers who are intimately familiar with the systems vagaries. It is this field irregularity that serves as a significant hindrance to any planetary invasion. Based on gathered intelligence regards the original UEG invasion plans, the UEG had allocated a larger then would be considered needed invasion force to account for this irregularity, anticipating, and fully willing to accept, a 45% loss to their assault forces due to crashes and other field related mishaps. Smaller craft such as fighters are better able to weather the field, but may be pushed far off course in the process. Over the decades the field has been mapped and studied and Aquilaen space and fighter craft have been modified to better navigate the natural phenomena.

Aquilae maintains a trio of satellite colony facilities in nearby systems. The primary one being in 31 Aquilae some 6 light-years away (49 light-years away from Earth); colloquially known as Maverick Main. A31 is a metal rich system and plays host to numerous mining operations, as such the Main is protected and patrolled regularly by the AFF (Aquilaen Fleet Forces) and plays host to a series of fleet anchorages and airbases. The system of Omicron Aquilae, otherwise known as the Lighthouse due to the helium pulsations of it's primary star, plays host to a expansive military facility which is the final destination for all newly aspiring AFF ship captains, as the voyage to the star is part of their final Astro-Navigation course. The third system, Aerie (γ Aql) is further afield from both Aquilae and Earth and is 351ly from Aquilae (395ly from Earth), and has over the last 40 years seen fantastic growth.

Reprinted from Foreign Powers Section:
A polity of six worlds, of which three feature settlements. Aquilae, the capitol world, was one of the first Earth colonies settled in accordance with the Gloval Plan of 2014. Technologically advanced and economically sound this colony was spared the horrors of the Second and Third Space Wars. In fact, those two conflicts are what enabled Aquilae to become self sufficient and independent from Earth. Soldiers from Aquilae did participate in the ill fated liberation effort alongside the 10th Mars Division, and provided food stuffs and other military supplies to support the efforts of the 21st Mars Division. Subsequent military cooperation for the 101st Mars Divisions assault were undertaken separate the main body and, following the Pershing Directive, under Aquilaen commanders, the lessons of the past having been taken to heart.

Eagle Harbor: Capitol City of the Aquilaen Protectorate

Politically a meritocracy under military rule Aquilae is an open and free society of strong souls and core values. It is this system of government and societal outlook that explains the close relationship with the Ōkami Shogunate; with Aquilae thus far the only polity the Shogunate has sallied forth from her own domain to assist militarily.

Aquilae has a thriving tech sector and exports military wares to allied trade partners alongside consumer goods and foodstuffs. Imports are largely the same, with products from the Khel Sector of immense popularity.

Aquila maintains open ties and a cordial relationship with the Sentinels Confederation and the other nations of the Fantoma Sector and is a full fledged ally of the Shogunate complete with mutual defense treaty. Relations with the UEG have been cold and guarded ever since the UEG’s attempt to annex Aquilae in 2058, and very few opportunities to tweak the noses of the UEG go unmissed.

Aquila Mainline VF
Pair of VF-19 Durendal in flight over the Algor Sea: Aquila

Militarily, Aquilae's armed forces are broken down into two major organizations, their Fleet and their Ground Forces. As an aside, this simple two pronged system served as a base model for the Shogunate's military.
While the Army is now seeing a period of growth the majority of manpower, funding, and R&D has been given to the Fleet as it is the Fleet that's expected to keep any hostile forces from landing troops on Aquilaen soil. As such the Aquilaen Navy is well equipped and well manned. Unlike other polities her ships are smaller, more nimble, and able to hit hard and fast. While her forces had been second rate, having primarily been a system defense force, when compared to the UEG, Aquilae's Fleet, and her Army, has been grown into a more dynamic and robust force with the ability to project power beyond her boarders. Still, her ships are designed with hit and run tactics at their core, with only a few ship classes (mainly those based on old Zentraedi designs) built to slug it out in a battle of broadsides.

Aquilae Fleet (Selections)
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