A world given hope…

The centrally located world of Ancyra within the Fantoma sector had, during the waning years of the 4th Space War, been one of many redoubt’s for dissident factions of old Tiresian Republic, cast offs from the Masters Empire that had been unwilling to accede to the new Republics laws and saw the Republics close relationship with the earthlings of the UEEF as an affront to their very way of life. The Ancyra stronghold, in a strategically important location, had to be reduced, and was, a year into the Haydonite Betrayal. In its place a UEEF outpost and military base was constructed as part of the war effort. In time however the battle lines shifted and the base, once in a crucial spot, found itself deeper and deeper to the rear, with its function shifting from a forward operational base to a rear echelon logistics security garrison.

Decommissioned after the war the base was then taken over by new colonists settling on the world. It was from the base that the colonization efforts were coordinated, supplies stored, and a spaceport maintained. As the colonists spread out across their new world, more modern facilities were built and the old base was eventually abandoned.

The colony grew and prospered with the discovery of mineral deposits. By and large and spread out agrarian colony, the few large cities that grew, did so nearby mining centers and transportation hubs. Largely ignored by the rest of the Fantoma Sector, but for settlers looking for a pastoral existence and mining concerns looking to set up shop, the colony was regarded as a lonely backwater. It was this status as an out of the way, and unimportant, location that attracted the attention of more nefarious sorts.

It did not take long for a criminal element to take root within the cities, engaging in smuggling, fencing of stolen goods and other illicit behavior. These criminal elements were by and large external cartels setting up shop and in time rival organizations began to engage in turf wars with local law enforcement largely ineffective albeit not for a lack of trying. At some point the colony leadership contracted with mercenaries to help bring the crime down, and the cartels to heel.

Sadly while the cartels did indeed see their power swiftly and violently curtailed the colony had unwittingly traded one problem for another. The mercenaries, having either destroyed outright, or co-opting the criminals that remained set up shop of their own leaving the colonists under the thumb of their own rescuers. A series of brush-wars between citizen militias and the mercenaries caused large damage to the population and infrastructure. A tentative peace was established with the mercenaries curtailing their most egregious practices but still retaining their power. The prevailing wisdom among the mercs was to keep just enough in check to avoid provoking the citizens to revolt again and a loose fief / serf system emerged. During this time entreaties were made to the Sentinels Confederation for assistance. The original calls for help were met with only words of support and the visit of low level politicians seeking to make a name for themselves as caring and concerned leaders, but nothing more substantial was forthcoming.

Over the course of a few decades thru intermarriage, death and birth, the ruling class of mercs integrated into the society they held sway over and for a time it looked as if the social situation would normalize. However, as before, outside forces saw an easy target, even despite the mercenary lords’ firepower. Raiders assaulted the planet and a short lived and spirited defense was defeated. Taking what valuables they desired the raiders left, leaving the colony to pick up the pieces once again. Again help from the SC was requested and while some assistance was made available the strings attached and the loss of interest with the changing of Confederation leadership contributed to an eventual pull back, some would say abandonment.

A few years later the raiders returned and the mercenary lords made the decision to hold their forces back, wagering that, like before the raiders would loot and pillage and then leave, and rather than risk the possibility of losing more of their war machine, it was decided to let the raiders take what they could carry and leave.

During these raiding years, in between raids, occasional infighting would occur as mercenary sub commanders bickered over the planets ever decreasing resources and over the conflicting stances of maintaining the status quo or to fight back and rid themselves of the raider menace. Over time the two opposing viewpoints crystallized into two factions. When the raiders next returned the one faction resisted and the raiders turned their sights on the more docile targets that did not resist. This event would eventually spawn the ‘Great Betrayal’ as after a few circuits the faction that had decided not to antagonize the raiders sold their more defiant countrymen out. It is said that to stab someone in the back one must first get behind them. The non-antagonistic faction did this by pretending to have seen the light and agreed to fight. However on the eve of the raider’s next attack the defenses of the militant faction were laid bare and or disabled. The raiders who had been stung by them in the past exacted a terrible revenge. It was at this point that the SC did finally show the flag and an expeditionary fleet was sent to remove the raiders from the area. However the rules of engagement the fleet had been deployed with were unnecessarily restrictive and risk averse. Thus it was more the raiders having gotten what they came for then any concerted effort on the part of the SC that forced the raider’s withdrawal.

Shortly after the raiders had once again taken what loot they desired an left the truth of the betrayal came to light and a brutal, albeit justifiable, spate of reprisal attacks took place, aided in no small part by members of the betrayers own faction, incensed, and ashamed, at what their leaders had done. Much of the betraying leadership was swiftly arrested and they and their actions were subjected to a tribunal inquiry. What started off as an inquiry turned into a witch-hunt as conspirators and co-conspirators were identified and killed alongside accomplices, willing and unwilling alike precipitating a short lived civil war as communities and neighborhoods 'bunkered up' to protect themselves from various militia and vigilante groups.

The SC fleet which had remained in the area, with the occasional hearts and minds operation ground-side were pulled out completely as conflict between the locals sometimes spread to SC firebase's. The optics of this on the SC capitol worlds was bad and political expediency necessitated a full withdrawal. The SC’s left behind equipment falling into the hands of one or more factions which only exacerbated the bloodshed.
The brutality of these massacres spurred by rage and vengeance eventually burned itself out and resulted in another round of inquires in which the various militia and vigilante groups surviving members were tried and imprisoned. Imprisoned but not executed in order to prevent their deaths becoming a pretext for yet more violence. This decision was prescient as shortly afterwards, with tensions still near breaking points the off-world raiders again returned. During the now unified resistance to the raiders, prisoners of both factions were released under parole to fight. This decision eased tensions locally in two ways, the first, as former militia members died in battle their passing would be one less sore spot, and second, fighting together against a single foe aided the reconciliation between the various factions. Because of past history, the Sentinels Confederation wasn’t asked for assistance, knowing that any that may show up would be ineffective, insufficient and insufferable.

Into this period of rebuilding enters an offer by the Okami Shogunate for the proposed placement of a Torii in a Fantoman system and their resulting Call for Bids to any interested system. The major stipulations would be that the Torii terminus administration, maintenance, control and security would be solely under the Shogunate’s aegis. That the Torii shall be located within either the host systems L4 or L5 Lagrange point and that the area of said Lagrange point shall be considered sovereign Shogunal territory.

Ancyran Republic:

Ancyra, having been settled originally by ethnic German, Swiss, and Austrian's primarily see's that aspect of culture and architecture most prevalent. Politically, Ancyra is divided into Cantonments, each a part of a greater Republic.


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