Ki-49 'Akesen'

Ki-49 'Akesen' (Blood-Lightning) Type-40

The Ki-49 Akesen is the latest VF (Variable Fighter) in the OSAAF inventory, and it's design will serve as the basis for at least five derivative platforms.. Combining state of the art avionics and power-plants into a robust armored frame the Ki-49 is tasked with fulfilling the OSA requirements for a twin engine, transformable, all aspect multi-role platform available with single or duel seats, able to perform ground attack, and aerospace denial. It's mission parameters call for the Ki-49 to not only perform an Air Dominance role, but to operate in Low and Mid orbits as well.

Weight: 8.55 Tons Height: 15.48 m (50.7 ft)
Mode MV Surface Flight
Fighter -1 - Mach 5
Battloid +1 128 kph Mach 2
Gerwalk -0 Mach 2 Mach 3
Main SI Shield SI Shield DA Pin Point Barrier SI PPB DA
4 6 -1 6 -0
Weapons WA Damage Ammo/Notes
Hand to Hand +0 1K -
Type-25 Beam Machine Guns (2, hips) +2 6K No ammo, BV 3, cross link, All Purpose
Type-127 Head Laser (2) +2 4K No Ammo, Cross Link, All Purpose
Type-17 Gun Pod +1 9K 100 (BV 3)
Assault Knife +1 8K No Ammo, Armor Piercing
Wing Hard Points +1 12K 6, Smart 2, Skill 9, Blast Radius 75 meters
All Weather / Environment / Trans-atmospheric
Sensors: 7km , Communications 1000km
Backup Sensors: 1km , Communications 300km
Emergency Ejection System
ECCM Rank 4
Fold Booster Linkage: 1

Changes for Super Pack:

*SI: 7 (INSTEAD OF the above SI)
*Top flight speed: Mach 10 fighter, Mach 3.5 Battroid, Mach 5.25 Gerwalk
*Add the following weapon systems
Name WA Range Damage Ammo Notes
Micromissile +1 3200m 5K 228 Smart 1, Skill 9

Dorsal / Ventral view
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